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Spring Primavera of Fall River, MA is a restaurant providing the finest in Portuguese and American cuisine. Our recipes have been crafted over generations to create memorable dishes for your friends and family to enjoy. The spirit of our European ancestors enlivens our restaurant from the dining room to the kitchen. Portuguese cooking borrows from a variety of influences spanning the Atlantic and Mediterranean. It is a privilege to present our heritage to the people of Fall River to give them a wonderful experience.

Our restaurant includes:

• Portuguese Cuisine—Portugal was at one time the greatest colonial power in the world. They used their massive naval influence to explore the oceans and discover new continents and peoples. In return, the homeland benefited from a constant influx of new spices, produce, and meat to add to their culinary exploits. We hope to expose our community to a new palate of flavors. Our menu will give you a glimpse into the life of people an ocean away.

• American Cuisine—Of course, we offer the best of the old and new world. American dishes are hearty and filling. We take advantage of our proximity to the ocean and the brilliant seafood available in the Northeast. If Portuguese food is not your cup of tea, we encourage you to try our American selection covering everything from chicken wings to French fries. We promise there is something for everyone to enjoy, even the children!

Please ask us any questions regarding our menu!

We are a family owned and operated restaurant serving a combination of traditional Portuguese dishes and American classics.

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